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The intent of the TRAC-PAC Registry database is to collect information from the towing, repair, and collision industries. However, we welcome data from all business entities that deal with insurance claims parallels.


The mission of the Towing, Repair, and Collision - Political Action Committee (TRAC-PAC) Insurance Abuse Registry is to provide a complete, accurate picture of the insurance industry as it relates to the towing, repair, and collision industry. It will be a resource for improving the automotive industry and insurance industry relationship. The purpose of this database is to provide analytical information about the towing and automotive industry's relationship with the insurance industry. The information gathered will be documented to record settlement and payment practices, thereby indentifying any patterns within these relationship procedures. The goal of the TRAC-PAC Insurance Abuse Registry is to provide this information to industry professionals in order to better the claims process and improve practices for all parties involved.


Help reduce complexity of searching for information regarding insurance complaints
Easily access info you need to assist you in making critical business decisions
You're supporting the on-going development of a National Registry striving to help businesses in the towing, repair, and collision industry


The information you provide regarding insurance conduct is pertinent to the success of our registry! We request the following details to be included in your submission:
- Your name and involved insurance company
- Accurate date of occurrence
- All other information as it relates to the claim and issue.
Please redact the policy holder's name and information, the claim number, and any other personal information regarding a second party involved that is not the your name or the involved insurance company.


The TRAC-PAC Insurance Abuse Registry is an online database aiming to improve the relationship between the towing, repair, and collision industries and the insurance companies. By submitting a claim issue, your information will be cataloged for companies like yours to use in their time of need. The TRAC-PAC Insurance Abuse Registry will help the automotive and towing industries recognize patterns of insurance company behavior. We are all in this together! 

Please submit your information here. You will be notified when your information is cataloged on our website. Thank you for participating in our database!

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